Yoga and why you should give it a go!

September 29, 2016

Whether you are stressed, distracted, inflexible, gloomy, an insomniac, shy or even a bit grumpy, there’s a practice for you-Yoga. Yoga taps into innumerable benefits and helps you lead a fascinating life of incomparable strength and clarity. One of the major advantages of yoga is that you can choose a yoga style that’s customised for you, such as hot yoga, relaxation yoga, power yoga, etc.


I know you must be considering a whole list of excuses to evade the yoga mat, but the below mentioned benefits will stir your brain and you will overcome the intimidation.  So, here it goes:


1) Weight loss:  Are you on the wrong side of the scale? Try Yoga.


Recent studies show that yoga significantly lowers the stress hormones and improves the insulin sensitivity.  With the heightened insulin sensitivity, your body burns food as fuel rather than storing it as a fat.  Yoga purifies your blood and enhances detoxification.  You will feel “lighter, fitter and healthier’ which will boost up your confidence.


2) Improved flexibility:  ”I recently joined a yoga class. And I was not able to touch my toes. What an embarrassment it was!  But I kept on practicing it again and again, and one fine day I did it.!  Yayyyyyy!”


Regular stretching leads to gradual loosening and alleviates tightness, and then the impossible poses become the easiest ones. Poor posture can cause back, neck, and other muscle and joint problems. As you sit, your body may recompense by flattening the normal inward curves into your neck and back and this causes pain.



3) Makes You Happier:  Sounds vague? Even I was skeptic about it before starting off, but it really did make me happier.  Things began to shift in life, I had a bad break up with stress and I became happier and more calm than ever before.


Yoga is a proven relaxation technique. Practice yoga regularly, and you are all set to stroll from a chaotic life to a more relaxed one.  It harmonizes the body and mind. Researchers have stated that regular practice of yoga improves depression as it results in higher level of serotonin- “the pleasure hormone”.  Yoga doesn't just elevate our spirits. It elevates our lives. It opens our eyes to the essence of who we are, and there lies the ultimate peace. There lies the superlative happiness.  So, join a yoga class now.


4) Improves your focus: Problem: Are you the not-so-proud possessor of a distracted mind? Are you diverted by every little thing happening around you? Solution: Join yoga classes!


To achieve the epitome of success, one must be focused.  Regular practice of yoga not only improves coordination and response time but it also sharpens your memory.  And one of the lesser known fact: It even improves your IQ Score!   Woah, Score!  It enhances your problem solving skills, helps you to retain more information and reduces distraction as well.



5) Better Sleep-  Having sleep trouble? “Chill…...You can even smack insomnia with yoga”


Yoga’s alchemy of breath and movement is a powerful stress-buster and it provides solace from the hurly-burly of your hectic and tiring schedule. With quality sleep every night, you’d be less exhausted, lesser stressed and pretty much active every day.  You’d be up and jet start your day with vigour and exuberance !

Infact, your perspective towards the world would be more positive. You can gain this superpower with none other than yoga! Yoga unblocks the alley to frustration, depression, resentment, fury, and instigates happiness, relaxation and optimism. So when are you starting?


Even the doctors around the globe are finally getting behind yoga. Over myriads of years, yoga has proved its worth.  So when are you planning to harness its healing power?


Stay Fit! Stay Happy! Stay Healthy!


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