5 Musts for Making Running Easier

October 6, 2016


Every step feels like an epic struggle? Running is not so easy, and it can be boring too. You want to lose calories but you can’t stop hating every second spent on the treadmill? Stop worrying. Follow these 5 tips and make running easier.


1) Warm-up: Do you warm-up before pressing the high-speed button on the treadmill? If not, then you must start doing it. A proper warm-up prepares your body to run better by activating your muscles and increasing your focus. It increases the blood flow thereby decreasing the muscle stiffness and risk of injury. Warming-up also makes carbs and fatty-acids available for energy production. So, don’t forget to warm-up before over-stretching the next time you get on the treadmill.


2) Play with the speed and incline buttons: If you are the one who gets on the treadmill, clicks the quick start button and then runs at a steady speed until you are really exhausted, stop doing it- there’s a better way for you. Research suggests that high-intensity activity followed by low-intensity recovery period helps you burn more fat and also increases your metabolism. You can walk instead of running at a high speed and still burn calories by increasing the inclination.  Isn’t that interesting?


3) Turn on some music with fast beats: The sound waves of the fast beat turns into vibrations which influence your brain and boosts the body movement. It distracts your mind and improves your physical performance. And when the rhythm of music matches your body movement, not only does it drive you to run faster but also makes intense activities less strenuous.


4) The correct posture: The better the posture, the more efficient the workout. Proper form puts less stress on your body and helps you run longer and faster. From posture to arm movement, minor adjustments can lead to an effective workout. Good posture involves having a straight spine (neither too straight nor too bent). Do not overstretch and do not clench your fist while moving your arms.


5) Wear proper shoes: Apart from making you feel more comfortable, proper shoes can lessen the impact of heavy landings. Proper shoes are tailored for your foot and provide proper cushioning. It also reduces the chances of injury and lessens foot pain. So don’t fall for snazzy ones, instead, pick up the more comfortable shoes.


So…warm-up, mix up the pace, turn on some music, have correct posture and a pair of comfy shoes then hit the treadmill and see the difference. Happy Running :)

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