5 Tips-and-Tricks to Boost Your Stamina

December 3, 2016



Do you get drained minutes after starting your workout?  Well, then you are caught up in the trap of low stamina. Recharge your drained battery by bolstering your stamina and endurance. But before discussing the hacks to boost your stamina, let us understand the concept of stamina.


“Stamina is the potential to do something for a prolonged period without getting exhausted or giving up”. Low stamina can leave you gasping soon after you land on the treadmill or begin exercising. The key to boosting your stamina is in no way a one-go-shot or one that is “easy-breezy.” In fact, it’s spun-out and boring. But incorporating the below mentioned simple-hacks will help you boost your stamina and stave-off fatigue.


1) Keep yourself hydrated- The more you are hydrated, the better you can perform. Yes! Hydration is the key to longer workouts. But don’t go overboard and gobble up too much of water. Guzzling eight ounces every 20 minutes keeps you hydrated and wards off fatigue. Drink adequate amount of water pre, post and during workouts to increase endurance and stamina.


2) Rest for shorter period between sets- Yes! You read it right! Reduce the rest periods between sets in order to increase your endurance. Take as shorter a break as possible so that your body becomes aware of the threshold it has to reach. Slash off the break duration once your body becomes comfy with it. Rest only when you feel you cannot do more. By reducing your rest periods, you are pushing your body to work better for longer durations without surrendering!


3) Eat Right- Healthy and balanced diet can help you shoot up your stamina. Incorporate a perfectly-balanced, low-fat diet that encompasses plenty of fruits, veggies and lean meats. Instead of chomping down on large meals, break your meals into small frequent meals with a gap of 2-3 hours and stay energised the whole day. Include protein-rich food as they are easier to burn and will keep you energised for longer durations. Do not make a wrong choice of snacks but try snacking on fruits, nuts, raw veggies and other lean proteins between meals.


4) Hybridize your workout- Cardio-only workout is not as effective as “cardio-strength” combo. Hybridize your workout by blending the strength and cardio days to get the best out of your workout. This will help you put more muscles into work thus better endurance. Amalgamation of cardio-strength will boost the perks of metabolic and weight-loss. To get the best results you can start-off with light-cardio warm-up followed by your strength training and then cardio training.


5) Sleep well and sleep right- The better you sleep the more energetic you get up the next morning. Sync up your daily schedule with your body’s internal clock. Seven-to-Eight hours of sleep is a must for increasing stamina and staying healthy. Majority of restoring and recharging is done during 11pm to 1am. So, hit the bed at least one hour before 11pm. Also, try to adopt a healthy sleep rhythm by sleeping off and waking up the same time each day.


Incorporate these simple tips-and-tricks and give your best shot every time you hit the gym!

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